Welcome to the Vermont Electronic Bed Board System

New Feature Announcement: Users can now find information on additional resources on the Help/About Screen.  These resources include a list of Out of State Facilities for Voluntary Minors and a link to the DAIL website for Adult Licensed Facilities such as Community Care Homes and Nursing Homes.

Welcome to the Vermont Department of Mental Health Electronic Bed Board System. This system has been specifically designed to assist health care providers to locate potential openings in mental health services for the purpose of referring patients for care. This system currently locates Adult Inpatient, Crisis, Intensive Residential, and Residential beds as well as Children's Inpatient and Crisis beds within the State of Vermont.

This web site is not designed to manage admissions or transfers of patients. When a service is located on this web site, providers must still contact the facility to discuss potential patient transfers and to make arrangements for services. It is essential that you contact the facility to be sure that the patient is appropriate for admission in the facility and to arrange for patient transfer and admission. All of the facilities' admission and transfer policies will apply. Each facility will continue to manage their facility openings and admissions.

If this site indicates a bed opening, it does not mean that this bed is guaranteed. Providers must not send patients directly to a facility based upon the indication that there is a bed open from this web site.

If you need assistance with the Bed Board, please use the "Contact Us" option to send an email to a DMH administrator.